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INF Project

The database ‘PrimeDB’: A storage, search and analysis platform for experimental data on priming and memory of organismic responses to stress

Principal Investigator: PD Dr. habil. Dirk Walther

Welcome to the data mining platform PrimeDB of the Collaborative Research Centre 973.

A central data repository, retrieval and query system, PrimeDB, will be established. It is the goal of PrimeDB to collect all project-relevant experimental data, store them and to make them broadly available to the data-generating researchers, consortium members and the global scientific community. Captured data types will include all experimental metadata, experimental protocols, molecular profiling, ecological and phenotypical data. Facilities will be developed to allow structured data downloads and exploratory statistical data views as well as integrative analyses with third-party datasets. PrimeDB will be developed to become a global resource for priming-related molecular, biochemical and ecological datasets and associated analyses.

In its current state, the data base is accessible only for CRC 973 members. Please click here to login.

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Technical aspects:                                Content aspects:

Dr. Dirk Walther                                     Dr. Tobias Otte

Rostyslav Braginets      


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