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Obituary for Dirk Hincha

Dirk Hincha

Dirk Hincha

News from Aug 27, 2020

Suddenly and unexpectedly, PD Dr. Dirk Hincha, leader of CRC 973 project A3, passed away on August 10. Dirk has been a member of our CRC from the beginning on. He contributed significantly to the success of our CRC. He always pushed inspiring discussions with his questions and bright comments. He was a highly appreciated cooperation partner, with whom co-work was not only always very productive, but also a great pleasure. He so reliably and actively participated in all CRC actions and events. We all highly appreciated his motivating comments, especially in tricky situations, his always cheerful and friendly personality, his sense of humor. We are very grateful for all his contributions to CRC 973 and will deeply miss him.  

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