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Concept of Qualification

The integrated research training group (IRTG) will facilitate integrative training and collaboration of PhD students bridging the highly interdisciplinary scientific fields of ecological and molecular life sciences. The aim is to qualify PhD students to develop into internationally well connected academics capable of linking molecular knowledge with ecological and evolutionary concepts. To reach this aim, the IRTG will provide a framework specifically tailored to the particular scientific needs of the CRC programme. Essential key elements of this framework are: (a) Qualification of the PhD students in both the advanced molecular and biochemical methods as well as in the ecological and evolutionary approaches, and unification of these currently often separately used disciplines by a structured curriculum with a supervision and training concept; (b) international education of young researchers by providing the chance of international exchanges, in alignment with the concept of the FU Berlin as international network university, facilitating national and international networking activities and connectivity; (c) training in soft skills by a special programme with the objective to improve the performance and enhance future employment chances of young researchers.

The above mentioned key element (a) is a unique feature of the graduate school. The IRTG will be embedded in already existing structured PhD programmes within the framework of the “Dahlem Research School” (DRS) at the FU Berlin and the “Potsdam Graduate School” (PoGS) at the University of Potsdam.